9 Signs of Depression in Women to Never Ignore!


Women who are depressed tend to have trouble sleeping. Not only does this affect their physical well being, but it also significantly affects their mental well being.

women who are depressed will pretend that they’re sleeping so no one will bother them, but they end up staying up all night and struggle to fall asleep because their mind is constantly racing with negative thoughts.

On the other hand, some women with depression may tend to oversleep. They will get home from school/work, lay on the couch and sleep until someone forces them to wake up.

They may spend a lot of their time in bed sleeping because they don’t have the energy or mental strength to get up and go about their daily routines.

Some women with depression will experience sudden mood swings. They may go from not sleeping to sleeping all the time. They may even go from constantly working out to sitting on the couch all day.

Do you recognize any of these habits? Keep on reading for some less obvious signs that a woman may be depressed.

One’s depression might make them stay up all night or it might make them throw away their whole day in bed. A sign of depression in women is this inconsistency. These unhealthy sleep patterns can wreak further havoc on their mind.

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