Lip Color Products

Lip color products come in pencils, lipsticks, lip stains, and lip glosses.
Each type has its uses and advantages. Take a look at each type and see what you need for or would like to add to your makeup arsenal.

Lip pencil

This comes in a variety of shades and, like any cosmetic pencil,
must be sharpened with a cosmetic pencil sharpener to keep its fine point. A lip pencil is not only great for outline work, but also for filling the lips to act as a base color.



This is the most common lip color application. It has a creamy consistency, is made from various forms of wax, and can contain emollients and oils for soft, healthy lips. Lipstick in tube form allows you to apply your lip color without any additional tools. However, cream lipstick, which comes in
n a pot or palette, requires a lip brush for application.


Lip stain

Made from a water and gel formula, it has a high pigment content and can last up to 18 hours. Lip stain is more difficult to remove than lipstick or lip pencil, requiring you to use a makeup remover or dish soap for best results.

Lip gloss

This comes in a gel consistency and is great for hydrating lips. Gloss comes in many complementary shades to lipstick, making it ideal to apply on top of matte lipstick for a juicy finish. Dabbing clear or tinted gloss in the center of the lip can also help create the illusion of fullness.

Lip balm

Created to help reduce cracked and chapped lips and to add moisture, lip balm is made with wax or paraffin and can contain flavors, pigments, and even sunscreen. Applying lip balm before applying lipstick will help your lipstick go on more smoothly.


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